Use cleaning tablets designed for washers, found at your local grocery store or hardware. Run a cleaning cycle if your machine has one, if not use a long vigorous wash with hot water. Use less detergent. With today's high efficiency detergents (HE), very little detergent is needed, 1-2 tbsp is all it takes.

Check your vent hose to make sure it is not blocked with lint or even compressed behind the dryer; Dryer vent hoses should be maintained every 5 to 7 years

Take a vacuum or long brush to clean the condenser coil, located under/or behind the refrigerator.

Once a month stand a mug up full of white vinegar and do a wash, the vinegar will be distributed throughout the wash. Also, a lemon sliced in half or quarters and put in the utensil basket will add a fresh sent to the dishwasher. Oh! and rinse, rinse, rinse.